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A downloadable ColorBound for Windows and macOS

Controls (Gamepad)
Move: Left stick.

Use: Y

Jump: A

Dash: B

Shoot: X

Controls (Keyboard)
Move Left: A / Q

Move Right: D

Use: E

Jump: Space bar

Dash: P / Mouse Right Clic

Shoot: O / Mouse Left Clic

Welcome to a little frog robot’s tremendous adventure! You awake in a strange colorless place on a journey to get your ability to see colours back.
Find and activate the altars to unlock new skills, make the environment evolve and find your way back home.

Development (Unity):

  • Sébastien "Gatlink" Gatty
  • Iliyas "Poppij" Jorio
  • Léandre "Youkool" Le Polles--Potin


  • Aurore "Goupil" Solé
  • Noémie "Grouny" Szrmzsik
  • Maxime "Mante" Bonin

Sound Design:

  • Antoine "Kez" Grelet


  • Yoann “Valmont” Laulan


Download 52 MB
Download 53 MB
OST by Yoann "Valmont de Ragondas" Laulan


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Very cute game!! Are you open to feedback/observations?

Definitly! This is a jam game and we don't plan to come back to it, but any feedback might be useful for our future endeavours

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Thanks for the gameplay! It's fascinating to see people discovering our game, you learn so much on how to make it better.